Winter Bouquet. Manti Temple, Utah.

2015-01-01_0012-750x561 2015-01-01_0018-750x1121 2015-01-01_0021-750x561 2015-01-01_0022-750x561 2015-01-01_0025-750x502 2015-01-01_0027-750x374 2015-01-01_0031-750x1121 2015-01-01_0038-750x5612015-01-01_0028-750x561 2015-01-01_0040-750x561 2015-01-01_0043-750x1121 2015-01-01_0047-750x502 2015-01-01_0048-750x502

Tori & Caden’s Formal Session.  We loved this winter bouquet and the sea foam color succulents.  They make a gorgeous couple!

Photo Credit: Brooke Bakken



BrimhallWedding-236 BrimhallWedding-023 BrimhallWedding-230 (1)



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